Secretary of the Party committee of CAAC/ATMB Gao Yi greeting the front-line staff
     Date: 2016-02-05     

Recently,Secretary of the Party committee of CAAC/ATMB Gao Yi together with Secretary ofthe Party committee of South China ATMB Zhang Shengzhi and a group of people,braving the cold wind and freezing rain, came to Hunan ATM Sub-bureau to carryout the warm wintergreeting activities to the front-line staff.

GaoYi and his group went to Lao Cangliang navigation station, control tower andweather observation room and other workplaces of Hunan ATM Sub-bureau. They visitedthe front-line staff from ATC, communication & navigation andmeteorological major, and detailed know the ATC safety situation. After seeingthe orderly operation scene and feeling the harmony atmosphere, Gao Yi pleasedto cheer for the staff and repeatedly told them to base on their position anddedicate to the security work in the wide range of low-temperature and otherextreme weather. The front-line staff expressed that they will live up to theexpectation of organization, focus on their position work conscientiously, andmake concerted efforts to do the work.

Duringthe Spring Festival, 2016, labor unions of different CAAC/ATMB carried outwarm winteractivities in ATM system. Leaders from differentlevels led group to the front-line and sent warm to the staff.