Fan Yunyun inspected in Zhejiang Nanxun navigation station
     Date: 2016-05-18     

On May12, Vice Secretary of the Party committee of CAAC/ATMB Fan Yunyun came toZhejiang Nanxun navigation station and had a cordial greeting to the front-lineworkers in the station. Vice Secretary of the Party committee of East ChinaATMB Lai Haigen, Director of the Party Committee Zhan Dongxin and Secretary ofthe Party Committee of Zhejiang ATM Sub-bureau Lu Yan accompanied by thegreeting.

FanYunyun detailed know the equipment operation and safety work situation of thestation, visited the dormitory for workers on duty and kitchen, and had adiscussion with the workers on duty about their working and living situationand difficulties. Fan Yunyun expressed highly appreciation for their dedicationtowards the station and encouraged them to redouble their efforts, treatstation as their home and do not disappointed the organization.

Theworkers of the station showed their thankfulness to the greeting group. Theyexpressed that they will still seriously fulfill their responsibilities, pay moreattention to the equipment operation, live up to the expectations of theorganization, ensure the safety of navigation equipment and successful completethe upcoming G20 security tasks.